John Sullivan

John Sullivan has been involved in “mind body spirit work” for over 45 years. Started his martial arts journey from early twenties learning Boxing, Yoga then Qigong, meditation and Yang, Wu style of Tai Chi. John became an instructor for Tai Chi Shibashi and the Yang style 108 long Taiji forms.

In 1998 John met Master Harvey Lee, his Tai Chi training has raised to another level with more focus on martial aspect of Chinese Internal martial arts that including a series of forms, weapons and Tai Chi push hands. In 2000 and 2001, John won gold medals in both Moving and “Fixed Step” Push Hands in heavy weight division at competition of Australian All-Taijiquan Championships.

As an inner door student of Master Harvey Lee, John has been assisting Master Harvey Lee in teaching new Tai Chi students in the Academy for last many years.