The Grand Master

Grandmaster Bai Qing Zhai is widely acknowledged as the top martial artist in Beijing. He is the 5th generation lineage holder of the 188 Posture old style Tai Chi Chuan that originated from Yang Banhou (楊班侯). He is also a 7th generation lineage master of San Huang Pao Chui, an internal style martial art that originated from the Taoists. This art was widely practiced by the imperial bodyguards in the palace of the Qing dynasty. This style’s popularity peaked during the late Qing dynasty before the end of the cold weapon era. During that era, it was practised by every martial art master in Hui You Biaoju (会友镖局), the biggest armed security escort services provider. Bai adopted the soft essence of the old style Tai Chi and the explosive essence of the Three Emperors Cannon Fist (三皇炮锤拳) creating a fresh and more potent system of internal martial art.  In the 70s and 80s, Bai was involved in promoting the simplified Tai Chi Chuan forms and sword forms. During that time , Li Tianji (李天骥), the Chairperson of Chinese martial arts authorities “China Wu Shu Association”, spoke very highly of Bai’s martial art skills. Li once remarked, “Bai Qing Zhai’s Push Hand skill is peerless”.  In 2017, Bai Qing Zhai Martial Arts Academy inaugurated in Beijing. Master Harvey Lee was elected Secretary and is responsible for promoting Grandmaster Bai Qing Zhai’s internal martial arts system outside China.