Teaching traditional Chinese martial arts for:
  • self defence
  • health benefits
  • stress management
  • quality of life


A Zen meditation seminar will be held on the 24th of August 2019. In the first part of the seminar Master Harvey Lee will focus on a topic “the relationship between Zen meditation and inner style martial arts”. He will share his experience with the participants how his martial arts has been benefited from his Zen meditation. The second part of the seminar will be conducted by psychologist Lily Lee. Lily will focus on how meditation can benefit our health using findings from psychology and neurobiology.

With the advance in science and medical research, there is a vast amount of studies showing Buddhist meditation can promote well-being, and use in treating medical condition and mental illness. There will be opportunity for people to learn basic meditation techniques. If you would like to join us, bring a small cushion, a light throw, or a Zafu (meditation cushion).

Lily Lee is a senior student at the Harvey Lee Tai Chi Academy. She is also a clinical psychologist and has practiced meditation over 10 years.

48 - 50 Ninth Avenue, Scouts hall, Campsie
Time and duration: 4.00 – 5.00pm Saturday the 24th of August.
Fees: free for current members. $10 for non-member and prior booking is required.